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This is an online book with videos that gives you simple new tools to ease your mind and make everything else easier in your life - from your health, relationships and work to your resources.  It also gives you access to a very advanced and graceful spirit team that will be there for you whenever you need extra support.  All of this is completely compatible with your existing spiritual practice and guides or other work you are doing, and will simply give you a turbo boost.

Improve your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Have more energy and ease in your body and mind.   Reduce stress and enjoy more clarity and love.  Experience more success and feel more joy in everything you do.

How does it work?   Simply click on the link/button to purchase and follow the easy sign-up process, and you will have complete access to the online materials to go through at your own pace and depth.  Even the simplest parts will begin to produce the results that you are looking for.  And as a bonus, we continue to add tools as they become available.

This is for all walks of life from using the tools for personal improvement, whether or not you have ever engaged in any other healing modalities or spiritual practices before, to professional healers, coaches and influencers to help their clients.  The course is also set up for you to take as much from the material as you want, and over any time frame, so you are completely free and supported to engage with it in any way you like.


First of all, I would like to thank Olivia and Jon for their generosity in sharing the insights in this new online course.

I have started to study it and I would like to share with you my experiences so far with it.

The course has lots of material that I still need to explore. I am still in the first part, which consists of movements, codified with numbers and directions, as “medicine” to assist with typical physical and spiritual issues.

I had been experiencing extreme fatigue and lethargy, lack of interest in my job, where people in my team all seemed sad and confronted with one another. Low productivity, heaviness, loss of power had invaded me. I was spiralling down.

As soon as I started practicing the movements specially indicated for the conditions I stated before, I noted my energy shifting, starting to feel more physical energy, at first temporarily.

Events at work one day really threw me down. The next day I was lying down unable to move. In  this position I started to make the movements indicated for lethargy and help with work as well as other movements (all the ailments seemed to apply to me!).

Note that the movements only require you move your arms and hands, nothing physically strenuous. After some time, some minutes perhaps,  it’ s as if I had a download, all the situation became very clear to me, and something commanded me to get up and write an email to a person at work, reaching out. I did that. From then on, my energy just spiralled up. The next day I went for a very long walk: 5 hours and 40 minutes walking over 10 miles along rivers and through forests! After that I was tired but recovered over night and my energy shifted completely. Recall I was severely fatigued for months before. The next day I had a meeting with the person I reached out to by email and since then (just only four days ago) it is as if the dynamics at work has completely changed, with no more antagonism, more productivity, kindness and camaraderie. A very different game now. My energy is steadily up, my productivity at work has increased exponentially and best of all is the picture I had today of the team I work with, united, cooperating and smiling. Awesome! It’s not just me who feels better and has overall improved, it’s all the people surrounding me too!

I am not a pro spiritualist or anything near. I am a plain person, with an awareness that not all what “is” is visible. And I was able to experience, through just the parts of the course I have done, this amazing healing, fast, effective and affecting not just me but my surroundings. How can I heal if my surroundings don’t heal as well? It makes perfect sense.

I will continue the gentle practices so effective and supportive, and so easy to follow too. Open you mind, connect with your feelings, do the practices and healing will come your way. I am starting now to incorporate also physical healing and I am already feeling the changes.

The movements are like prayers, effective prayers which are answered immediately.

I am looking forward to the extra material coming. I have a lot still to explore.

This works, it’s pragmatic, it’s easy, if I can do it so can anyone.

- S, London

I have been working with Jon for a few years now, I discovered Jon via his YouTube channel, and had an instant connection and resonance to his work, energy and frequency. This was during, I can honestly say the hardest and darkest year of my life. I have studied various modalities over the past 15 years, and am a competent healer in my own right, however my life had come to a standoff and I really needed a new form of guidance.

It has taken some time for me to formulate this letter of reference, as it is not a simple exercise to distill Jon’s contribution, gift or work into a few lines. Jon’s work, with all genius, is incredibly simple yet ridiculously profound, transformative and impactful. I do not think as this life form, that I will ever truly be able to qualify or quantify what his work/gifts ultimately do, I can however testify to the fact that it works, and I know in the deepest part of myself, that if I had not discovered Jon, nor had the privilege to work with him, my evolution and well being would still be very challenging.

I was very excited and fascinated at the prospect of the New Ascension Rites Course, that he and Olivia were going to launch, I could not ‘track’ the direction and I honestly had no idea what it could be about. I was delighted when it launched, and I literally powered through the entire course in a matter of days, drinking in the knowledge, incredible tools, wisdom and layers of insight that unfolded in front of me.

It has been almost three weeks since I bought the course and I can whole heartedly say, that it has been life changing. I have mastered the movements, and start my day, every morning doing the sequence of movements x 3 facing the rising Sun. I then either listen to the ‘Transmissions and Initiation Rites’ video as a mediation, or say all of the affirmations regarding the Tribes and the four directions, also x3 each.

I run my own business in addition to working/consulting in multiple industries, all very stressful and demanding. I have however, found that since accessing these new dimensions, and tools of the Beyond-Beyond, calling up this support, and embodying the movements and affirmations/intentions, that I am much more peaceful.

When something does come up that is stressful and beyond my control, I will intuitively do the movements and say whatever affirmations best supports the challenge. I am also accessing very different and higher frequency beings, and experiences when I do healings and meditate. This knowledge has been a HUGE leap forward, in my growth and evolution. I have also found, that I am far less concerned and worried about the day to day challenges of life and business. I feel much more supported, and connected to the Universal Heart of existence, and no longer get pulled into the trivial, tragic, traumatic, survival and fear, that so much of this world feeds off and impacts us from the group conscious.

I can highly recommend Jon in his personal capacity in all forms of his work, and both Jon and Olivia, regarding being the custodians of the transmissions the New Ascension Rites to Earth, and the life changing tools and knowledge, that I am only just starting to discover and benefit from.



Just click the "Purchase" button to gain access to the online course

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The 64 Symbol Card Deck from the Course Material

The deck for the 64 symbols of the New Ascension Rites Online Course is now available for purchase. Use them for readings, divination, contemplation and energetic download of the insights, gifts, strengths and practices that they represent.

Here is the link: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/marketplace/symbols-of-the-new-ascension-rites.html 

What happens when we look beyond the edge

A quote from a talk that Jon recently attended reminded him of exactly what happened when Olivia and he went looking beyond the beyond:

“We build these machines, the Hubble telescope, the Chandra telescope, to look to the edge of the Universe to find out where the Universe ends, and every time they think they find it, they say ‘okay we found the edge of the Universe’, and they look a little closer, and there’s something else Beyond what they thought was the edge.

John Wheeler is telling us why. Because the act, the very act of, of consciousness peering, into the world of the very small - the quantum world - or in the world of very large, the Act of us peering into that world, is an act of Creation unto itself. Consciousness will always put something for us there to see, when we look with the expectation, that something is there.”

Gregg Braden, at minute 30:27 in video
Unified Field Deep Dive, Live From Resonance Retreat, (July 29, 2019) https://www.facebook.com/unify/videos/868832873497421/?t=1695

The New Ascension Rites Co-Facilitators

About Olivia Weil and Jon Rasmussen

Olivia Weil

Olivia Weil

Olivia Weil was trained by the Four Winds Society in shamanic energy medicine and is a student of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, Dean Taraborelli, and Jon Rasmussen. She practiced law in NY for several years, before experiencing a series of healing crises, or healing opportunities, leading her back to align with shamanic mentors and healers. After healing on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - she immersed herself in shamanic trainings, gathering more tools to integrate her intuitive gifts and other abilities typically seen in shaman that she was born with. Now and for the last few years, she has worked with all walks of life, including corporations, world leaders, business men and women, families, students, and other shaman and healers, in her private practice. Along with serving some five-star resorts and spas worldwide sharing her medicine.
Jon Rasmussen

Jon Rasmussen

Jon Rasmussen lives in Monterey, CA. He is a full-time Shaman, Advisor, Speaker, and Author of the book, Dreaming Your World Into Being, the CDs Practical Meditations for the Modern Lifestyle and Shamanic Journeys to Empower Your Life. His training and initiations as a shaman includes multiple traditions and most notably those of the Andes and Amazon of Peru through The Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School. Jon regularly conducts private individual, couples, and group shamanic healing sessions and consultations via phone and Skype globally, and at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, CA and Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA. He offers in-person sessions on a regular basis throughout California and frequently will travel other states and countries on request. Jon is part of the Xinfu team delivering CEO mastery and high leadership value, and is an adviser to various organizations including Willka Yachay (Quechua for sacred wisdom) to develop education that supports the youth of his Andean Q’ero teachers. Jon has been featured as an expert on Television series such as Chelsea Does, and The Lowe Files.


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